Our team has leveraged their 50+ years of collective experience in digital media to deliver best in class services and products in the areas of licensing/distribution, operations, quality control, engineering, and production management from leading global companies such as Technicolor, Panasonic, Warner Bros., Ascent Media, and others.

Meet the team

Paulette Pantoja, CEO

Paulette Pantoja is Founder and CEO of Blu, a full service provider of logistics, distribution, licensing and quality assurance solutions for content creators, hardware and software developers. Since the company’s founding in 2007 Paulette has helped Blu play an increasingly influential role within the home entertainment (Digital, Film/TV, Media) industry.

George Rausch, Vice President, Product and Distribution

Rausch is responsible for managing Blu’s expanding suite of video distribution, qualification and operational solutions for the entertainment industry. He was part of the launch team at Pluto TV as their founding Director of Content (2013-17). Most recently, George was the Head of Product Marketing for Frequency as a leader on the product team behind the development of Frequency Studio, a suite of cloud services for content management and distribution, focusing on linear scheduling and playout in the cloud.

Michael Thexton, Head of Advanced Technology

Michael has been primarily focused on providing automated content services in support of new OTT SVOD platform launches for Shomi (Rogers Communications) and Lightbox (Telecom Digital Ventures). He was instrumental in the successful launch of the world’s first 3D Blu-ray Disc and was the recipient of Technicolor’s President’s Award in recognition of his achievements and contribution to Technicolor’s Blu-ray Disc efforts.

Pradeep Reddy, Director of Product Development

Pradeep Reddy is a seasoned developer and technology with experience as Development Manager for Technicolor and Senior Software Engineer at Pfizer Health Solutions and Protocare Sciences. He has spent the majority of his career developing innovative software solutions and managing teams of highly skilled developers. He is responsible for developing and managing the team developing BluCloud™.

Eric B. Stein, Head of Licensing and Distribution

Eric is a media and technology executive with extensive experience, including all areas of digital content (music, film, games and television), programming, acquisitions, and licensing. Licensing with variety of business models including VOD, PPV, Electronic Sell Thru), IVOD (Internet VOD), MOD (Manufacture On Demand), SVOD (subscription VOD), OTT and Ad supported (AVOD) models.

Ronnie Brooks, EVP Business Development

Former Vice President of Digital Operations at Deluxe Entertainment and Executive Vice President of Operations and Business Development at illuminate Hollywood.  Previously working in Operations at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Warner Bros.